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Sunday, 01 May 2016 22:57

Porcelain slabs.

Large format and ultra-thin slabs have become very popular due to the endless possibilities of design.
This is the newest addition to our line of products, classic but yet ultra-modern. This new cement tile will bring richness to any space. From commercial application to residential  you can add character and spice to your pallet. These tiles are made with a unique technique that undergo intense pressure from a mechanical hydraulic press and then they cure naturally. Each tile is handmade and not fired like regular tiles. There is a slight variation in each tile but this is what makes it a unique process. Each tile is considered a work of art and suitable for any environment.…
           We are proud to announce the new exclusive line of luxury wall coverings from DuChateau. DuChateau’s wall coverings have been a showstopper at our showroom. This new line features a combination of architectural and geometric design along with incredible finishes. The line is available in 12 styles with exquisite selection of colors and finishes. Each style has its own unique architectural element highlighting each space with its natural tonalities of the wood.            DuChateau is specialized in fine manufacture of luxury architectural finishes from hardwood and vinyl flooring to wall coverings, doors…
Recently renovated Flooring store Sarasota Our Company has managed to grow as the economy has changed and we are proud to have a newly remodeled showroom to make the selection and buying process easy for our customers.  Our clean way to display our products will never confuse you but will grab your attention.  We really specialize on all kind of engineered wood floors such as Kahrs, DuChateau, HomerWood, Mirage, UA, Bella Cera. Our great selection of porcelain covers most of the greater Italian manufacturers. As well as some like Porcelanosa, Dune, Cerdomus, Edilgres, Monocibec, IWT, ITM. Our decorative tile selection will blow…
Wednesday, 07 October 2015 14:30

Home & Castle TV

Home & Castle TV is a local entertainment magazine show focusing on Suncoast real estate, life style and high profile celebrities/residents. It’s a unique combination between “Millionaire Listings,” “HGTV” and “Lifestyle’s of the Rich & Famous.” Viewers will come away more educated and fascinated regarding topics such as “Living in Style,” deals in the “Luxury Market Place,” “Home Improvement” and hidden “Luxury Escapes.” In addition, Home and Castle TV will conduct an in depth interview with local celebrities. These individuals are highly successful and are sharing their struggles, triumphs and life lessons. The celebrity segment highlights living your “best life”…
Thursday, 02 July 2015 14:07


 What started as a simple renovation quickly turned into an extensive renovation when homeowners took on the task of turning their condo into a modern and refined space.  Wanting to be closer to their daughter and grandchildren, these homeowners referred to ideas they have been collecting throughout the years to design this luxurious home. When forming the design concept, the homeowners wanted to ensure that the home had a continuous flow while still focusing on individuality. "Every area has its own personality," states Liliana Allen of Oracle Surfaces. From lighting to furnishings, it is important that the pieces are fresh…
Friday, 22 May 2015 14:26

The Unique Look of Bati Orient Tiles

In today's home design market, it's vital to stand out from the competition and using Bati Orient tile is a guaranteed way to accomplish that. Bati Orient tiles can be installed indoors or outside and are grades above regular tiling materials. These tiles made of natural stone, glass, marble, wood and various other materials add a unique, functional and/or decorative accent to any home or commercial space. Attention to detailWhat makes Bati Orient tiles so unique is the company's dedication to the quality of their products. They search all over the world to find the best, most attractive stones in…
Wednesday, 13 May 2015 16:54

The Beauty of Glazzio Tiles

Adding glass tile to the home brings a jewel-like accent to any space. Kitchens, bathrooms, pools, fireplaces and even landscaping details benefit from the stunning addition of Glazzio Tiles. With so many different styles, colors, patterns, and textures available, the possibilities of glass tiles in interior and exterior decor are nearly limitless. Unequaled qualityGlass tiles from Glazzio possess a color depth and vibrancy that create a dramatic effect wherever they're applied. The dazzling, reflective quality of glass tile adds a unique energy to any space and the fact that they're impervious to sunlight, water, and frost makes them an ideal…
Wednesday, 22 April 2015 18:27

Dune Mosaics and Specialty Tiles

On many occasions, we find the need to change our home design. The reason can vary depending on our needs, such as; preparing the house for sale, preparing for retirement, a desire to go green, and remodeling an outdated look. When remodeling a home, one of the most important things to consider is the choice of materials. In the recent past, Dune Mosaics and Speciality Tiles have been the best choice all over the world for the following reasons: 1. They bring a natural light into the roomIf the reason for remodeling is to add some illumination to the room…
Wednesday, 15 April 2015 18:08

Marble Systems Natural Stone Flooring

Natural stone is a popular flooring material that has been used since time immemorial. Natural stone tiles are ideal for bringing the touch of nature into our homes. These stones bring warmth and quality into a home, which can’t be done from other floor materials. Natural stone is from mother earth. Natural stone exists in many different forms in the earth, which is the reason behind the many variations in pattern and color. There are various types of natural stone flooring including marble, slate and limestone. Marble Stone FlooringIn ancient days, kings installed marble floors in their palaces. Marble has…
Wednesday, 25 March 2015 15:45

Bella Cera Wooden Flooring in Sarasota

With seemingly endless choices in wood flooring, determining the correct type, look and feel for your room is essential. In the past, wood floors were constructed from old growth forests with tight grains making them almost impervious; whereas today’s younger trees do not provide the same quality characteristics. With the invention of engineered wood flooring, that same quality of the original plank wood floors has returned. Engineered wood floors are real wood floors with a twist. Typically created by interlaying plywood or high density fiberboard (HDF) and real hardwood, engineered wood flooring is more stable than traditional wood flooring and…
Wednesday, 18 March 2015 14:24

Mirage Wooden Flooring Sarasota

Mirage hardwood flooring is a wooden floor company you can trust. Their wooden floors are of high quality and their timeless style and durability are not unquestionable. Mirage wooden flooring produces different types of wood flooring to suit various types of looks and styles. Mirage wooden flooring produces three major types of wood flooring that are designed to fit perfectly in any space. These flooring types include:   • Engineered flooring   • Lock flooring   • Classic flooring These flooring types are pure hardwood, making them impermeable to water and damage, hence offering the best wood flooring choice where style, reliability and…
Wednesday, 25 February 2015 18:08

DuChateau Wood Floors in Sarasota

Hardwood flooring from the DuChateau Floors collection is easy to care for and complements any interior decor. The color selection ranges from white oak to dark, textured walnut. The Chateau Collection features standard planks that highlight the natural grain of the oiled wood. The Vernal Collection offers hard waxed oiled flooring that is smoother with minimal service blemishes. Textured floorsThe old, antique distressed wood look is available in the Heritage Timber, Riverstone, and Vintage collections. These wood planks in different widths are hand scraped and distressed to give a rustic, used look.• The Heritage Timber Edition Flooring gives the appearance…
Flooring in a new home usually comes first. Creating the perfect floor involves working with an architect and builder to determine the type of floor covering desired in each room.A living room or bedroom may be the place for carpeting while other rooms need hard-surface flooring. Evaluating the various types of available flooring is important and Oracle, Design Concepts, can help you discover what is available.Our designers will work with you to create floor coverings for each room of your new house. The designs will be unique based on the your needs.TileTile works well in kitchens, bathrooms and living areas.…
If you are thinking of building a new home in Sarasota, you can choose from several different bathroom designs as well as a several types of materials. When designing their future home, it is important for homeowners to remember that the bathroom they create will remain in use for several years. Points to ConsiderWhen looking at bathroom designs or creating their own floor plan, homeowners need to consider several different points, including: Versatility – A versatile bathroom design allows enough room for a person to move around comfortably, even if they must use a wheelchair or walkerFunctionality – Include amenities…
Your kitchen is the beating heart of your home. Creating the perfect kitchen might require a little extra thought and planning because it's such a vital space in your home. Creating the perfect kitchen space is a labor of love. To be perfect it must have functionality and flow combined with a feeling of timeless beauty. All the elements must tie together seamlessly from flooring to ceiling and when you get it right, it just pops. As time goes by, taste and style change with the generations. The flooring, cabinet and appliance styles that were popular twenty years ago may…
Monday, 15 December 2014 16:12

The Benefits of Updating Your Homes Flooring

The benefits of improving, updating, swapping out or removing your homes flooring cannot be overstated. Of course the floor is the thing beneath your feet but putting in new flooring to replace what is there now can bring new life to a dull home. Here are some of the benefits of getting involved with some new flooring concepts.Increased Value: There are many ways to improve your homes value but one of the most comprehensive is replacing all or a part of your home's flooring. When you replace the floors you not only amp up the value of your home but…
Wednesday, 03 December 2014 15:45

Oracle Grand Opening Celebration!

Come and celebrate our Grand Opening with Hors D'oeuvres and drinks! December 11th, 5:30- 7:30 at our new location, 514 Central Ave. Sarasota FL 34236. RSVP by December 5th by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  See you there!
If it's time to do some renovations in your home, upgrading the bathrooms may be an investment well worth considering. A full bathroom remodel may have a dramatic impact on increasing your home's value. Whether you want to improve the comfort of your home, increase its resale value, or both, performing a bathroom remodel is an excellent place to start. Here are a few changes you can make to your home's bathrooms that translate to big bucks when you decide to sell your home.Sink and Counter TopsUpgrading the sink and counter tops in your bathrooms is one of the best…
Monday, 10 November 2014 18:38

Updating Your Bathroom Flooring

The bathroom floor is a well-worn area that will face a considerable amount of punishment over its life. Not only does it have to put up with people walking in and out, but it has to be able to withstand humidity, heat, wet, and damp. However, it is the change in atmosphere that can lead to the greatest damage. A floor can go from cold to hot and dry to wet in just a few minutes, when somebody uses the bathroom. As such, bathroom flooring can become tired and aged looking without careful flooring design that takes this use into…
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